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Teacher Li Hongshi will teach online from China.

Teacher Li will guide us through the parts of the Body & Mind exercise in his unique way. You will experience the movements in their slightest details and Teacher Li will guide you deep inside. We will practice Level 2 a profound loving qi field with participants joining online from all over the world.

125 euro online from your own home
125 euro view afterward until the 31st of March
145 euro from the location of the CNI incl. lunch/coffee/tea

09:30 – 16:30 Amsterdam time.

This day counts as 1 day for your instructor course Level 2 and Community and Connect members will get 10 euro discount


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LOVE is the Essence of Qigong practice. Teacher Li will make us feel the parts of the Body & Mind exercise in their smallest details. He will teach on how to integrate your practice into daily life and daily life into practice. Teacher Li is modest and loving with a talent to make you feel each movement deep inside. With participants joining from all over the world, and under the beautiful guidance of Teacher Li, the qi field will be loving and powerful. Just what we need in these challenging times.

This day with Teacher Li Hongshi online from China will be unforgettable. Teacher Li was the instructor of all teachers in the centre of Dr. Pang Ming.

09:30 – 16:30 Amsterdam time.

Community and Connect members will get 10 euro discount

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5 March 2023 online from location CNI, 5 March 2023 online from your own home, view afterwards until the 31st of March


  1. Dvorah Bohak

    ‘Intricate’ is a word I cherish deeply. When I’m able to experience its shimmering and fluid nature, so promising and full of possibilities in all its twits and turns, I am filled with hope and a warm feeling of well-being.
    Thank you, Teacher Li, for your dedication to simplicity. Shimmering, I experienced throughout the day, only happens against a background of simplicity. It owns its very life to it. And thank you for appealing to that universal love for babies we all share, generating spontaneously such exquisite shimmering without the slightest of effort. I now felt something that before was only understanding: that essence can’t be gained, and can’t be lost. It’s there, always there, for us to enjoy as soon as we step back into the background and give it some space to unfold.
    Thank you, Teacher Li, for the examples drawn from life. I always wondered what ‘coming home’ really felt like. Told with richness of body language and heart, that story about the husband brought me home. He didn’t like the salty dishes, but inspired by what he learnt in a workshop, had the courage to step back and see the background of love. At once I understood that all the miss-alignments in my body are a testimony of all the rather outrageous demands I made of it. They are the loving attempt of the life-force to serve me well for more than sixty years. Just like the man saw his wife in a new light, my frustration turned into gratefulness and trust that the life-force will keep shaping me to live out my newly found goals of living the message of love, care and respect wherever I happen to be.

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